Getting Started as a Taxi Driver Guide

Taxi Driving is a very rewarding profession, but it does require some knowledge about the business before you even begin to think about getting behind the wheel. For this reason, Taxi Driving Schools are now becoming extremely popular as they offer students crash courses in London Taxi Knowledge.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Taxi Driver?

Focused taxi driver at cab on streetTo be a licensed taxi driver in The UK, you must have held a fully manual car license for at least three years. You also need to pass an eyesight test and complete the infamous ‘Theory Test’ that requires candidates to answer 35 questions in just 44/56 minutes – Good Luck! Finally, you will need to take part in six hours of The mandatory Post-Test Training Course provided by your local council’s local transport department.

What Are The Benefits of being a Taxi Driver?

Taxi Drivers are their own bosses, have no upper age limit for employment, and there is no requirement to work set hours, so driving can fit around your lifestyle, including family commitments. There are always people looking to hire taxis at airports during holidays & bank holidays so you can work long days to maximize your income. It also offers flexibility as you will be able to take paid leave when the fares are low (e.g., Winter). Finally, it is easy to switch between part-time (weekends) and full-time (5 day week) working depending on what suits you best – that includes sick leave!

What Will I Earn?

Crop ethnic woman getting out of carIt really does depend on where you work and where you are based. The Metered Fare in London is a very attractive rate, but the city has a severe lack of taxi ranks which means that there is a great deal of competition to get fares. In Scotland, it’s not so bad as they have many more ranks available, so the general consensus from drivers is that Glasgow & Edinburgh offer much better prospects. Manchester can be decent, depending on your location within the city. Around The Midlands, rates vary from one council to another, but Nottingham seems to offer some of the best opportunities in terms of ease of access to passengers plus return fares. The average earnings for a Taxi Driver working full-time at National Minimum Wage will be around £12000 per year – if you’re lucky!

What About Fuel Costs?

Taxi Drivers do not have to pay for fuel. Instead, the business they work for will either ‘Fuel Allowance’ or charge them per liter – Whichever is cheaper!

How Long Will It Take Me To Become A Taxi Driver?

As you can see from the Requirements section above, it takes quite some time to become a taxi driver in the UK. The best way to find out how long it will personally take YOU is to call your local council’s transport department and ask what their current average waiting time is – As of January, London currently waits up to 3 years (!). If you are patient, then it will eventually happen & if you aren’t, then there are always other options available to you.